Career Best Performance for Rose Battersby at European X Games

Tignes, France (15 March 2012) - The New Zealand team at the European X Games, which are currently underway in Tignes, France, includes Rose Battersby (Women's Freeski Slopestyle), Rebecca Sinclair (Women's Snowboard Halfpipe) and Jossi Wells (Men's Freeski Halfpipe & Slopestyle). 

Battersby was first up on day one of competition, and after some consistent runs in training, nailed her ideal run incorporating a left 360, a right 360 and a left 720 on the triple-jump line finishing up with a rail-slide 270 out.

She scored a 74 on run one, did not improve her score on run two, then cleaned up her run and went bigger in the third run to score 77 and finish up in ninth place. This is Battersby’s first season on the world tour and her skiing in France was her best competition performance to date. 

"Today, Rose became a true member of the world's top Slopestyle Athletes,” said coach Pete Legnavsky. “By awarding 77 out of 100, the judges recognized she is a part of the elite crew and I am sure she is here to stay and attain podiums in these events in the near future."

Rebecca Sinclair competed in the night Halfpipe finals in another strong women's field including Olympic gold medallists, Kelly Clark (Salt Lake City, 2002) and Torah Bright (Vancouver, 2010).

“After a few crashes in training Bex absolutely slayed it in run one with a massive crippler first-hit a pair of 540s, and her recently learnt frontside 720 to Haakonflip combo,” said Tom Willmott, NZ’s Head Park and Pipe Coach. 

“After all 10 finalists dropped for their first run Bex was sitting in first place! She knew that 900s would ultimately be required for the podium and went for it third hit in her second run, but could not get the trick all the way round. Some imagery at the top of run three, and Bex landed her most progressive competition run to date including a Crippler to Back 540 to Front 900 combo and Front 720 to inverted Cab 720 at the bottom.” 

Sinclair’s score improved, however the other girls managed to step things up even more and she finished the event in sixth. Kelly Clark (USA) won with her trademark amplitude, a frontside 900 and 1080 in her run, followed by Elena Hight (USA) who combined back-to-back 900s, and Kaitlyn Farrington who landed three different 900 variations in her run - a first in women's competition. 

Jossi Wells has had some ankle issues that prevented him from training; he did not make it through to the finals in Slopestyle but is up tonight in the Halfpipe qualifying.