World Snowboard Tour Rider License Program

The TTR (the organization who manages the World Snowboard Tour) has newly implemented a World Snowboard Tour Rider License Program. Read on to find out how this affects riders competing  at events on the World Snowboard Tour. Please also note that the early bird fee of USD40.00 applies until 31 October and a late-show fee of USD100.00 applies after December 2015.

1) What is the Rider License?
The Rider License Program is a service package created for the riders competing regularly at events on the World Snowboard Tour. The TTR (the organization who manages the WST) provides a growing range of professional services for amateur and pro athletes, including the WST website, event schedule, event profiles, event registration, individual rider profiles, keeping track of your career results, processing results and assigning ranking points, generating and maintaining the WSPL and WST rankings on a weekly basis 52 weeks a year. With the yearly purchase of a rider license, riders make a contribution to finance these services and support the sport. It allows us to provide and finance consistent and professional services and helps us to become independent from sponsorship income.
The complete range of services available as part of the license is listed in 2).

2) What does the Rider License include?
The World Snowboard Tour Rider License includes:
 Competition license for World Snowboard Tour events
 Entry Rights for World Snowboard Tour events (as per entry protocols)
 Processing and managing of rider event results
 Assigning ranking points for rider placements
 Weekly World Snowboard Tour Ranking Updates
 Weekly World Snowboarding Points Lists Updates
 Online Registration System for many World Snowboard Tour Events
 Individual Rider Profile with photo, results, stats, sponsors and personal information
 Career Result Archive and Rider Ranking Profiles
 Access to the World Snowboard Tour membership system to manage rider profile on
 Uploading rider profile pictures / action photos (rights free)
 Database Maintenance
 Support and Troubleshooting

3) Who can obtain a Rider License?
Only individuals can create a rider account and purchase a Rider License. For the time being it is not possible for a coach or a team to sign up multiple riders under one account. But teams, coaches and agents are asked to encourage and support their riders in signing up to support the sport and the World Snowboard Tour.

4) How to get a Rider License?
To purchase a rider license, go to and create an account for the WST membership system. It is very likely that you already have an account in the system but you
don´t remember your login credentials. In this case, don´t create a new account with false data but sent an email to support requesting assistance or try to retrieve your username/password with the Forgot Password function.
Login in to your account with your username and password and follow the steps to purchase a license and update your personal information. Payment is only possible with major credit cards (Mastercard, VISA, AMEX)

5) What methods of payment are accepted?
Rider Licenses can only be paid online through the WST membership system using one of the following credit cards: Mastercard, VISA, AMEX.

6) Can a rider apply for a license through the National Association or Snowboard Club?
No, licenses are individual and rider specific. Only individual riders can create an account and purchase a rider license. The individual has to sign up for it, it is not possible for a coach, association or a team to sign up.

7) What does the Rider License cost?
Payment is possible with major credit cards in the WST membership system.
 EARLY BIRD FEE: $40 (USD) in the period June 1 to October 31, 2015
 REGULAR FEE: $60 (USD) in the period November 1 to December 15
 LATE-SHOW FEE: $100 (USD) after December 15, 2015

8) What is the validity period of a rider license?
A rider license is valid for a full competition year, ranging from June 1 to May 31.

9) Where does the money from the Riders License fee go to?
The annual license fee goes directly and completely to funding services which TTR provides, as described in 2). It allows us to provide consistent and professional services which directly benefit the riders and the sport.

10) Does a rider need a license to compete at a World Snowboard Tour event?
A Rider License is not mandatory to compete at an event nor do events have to verify if competing athletes have a current license. Non-licensed riders can compete and will be scored and included in the final result of the event. Until the cut-off date of December 15th 2015 riders will also continue to be listed on any ranking generated by TTR. After the cut-off date, non-licensed won’t be listed anymore on any ranking generated by TTR. Results will still be stored in the database but will not be publicly accessible on rider reports and rider profiles.

11) Is it possible to register for events using the WST Online Registration System without a Rider License?
No, only licensed riders can use the WST Online Registration System for a World Snowboard Tour Event. There is no cut-off date, WST Online Event Registration is only possible for licensed riders from now on.

12) Who is responsible for ensuring that riders have a license?
It is the sole responsibility of the riders themselves to decide whether they want to become an active member and to sign up and pay for the membership. Neither events nor National Associations nor coaches are responsible to ensure that riders have a license. Though, all stakeholders of the sport are asked to actively promote the license program to support the sport.

13) Do the WST Entry Protocols apply to non-licensed riders?
No, entry rights only apply to licensed riders. You can find the Entry Protocols here:

14) Can a rider cancel a license throughout the season?
A rider license is valid for one season and will not be refunded for any reason. Riders must actively renew the license each year, following the process as described under 4). If a rider opts to not renew the license, the rider will lose all license benefits as of the start of the new season.

15) What if a rider decides to purchase a license late in the season?
If a rider decides to get a license at a later point in the season and has already competed in WST events, all past 52 week results will be taken into account with the next ranking update following the purchase of the license.