Wanaka Ski and Snowsports Club announces $9,350 awarded to Grassroots 2015

A record number of applications for Grassroots 2015 weekend snowsports tuition were received from Upper Clutha Yr 2 - Yr 8 children and their families for the 2015 Wanaka Ski and Snowsports Club Grassroots Awards. 

Club Secretary Bonny Teat explained that “In this third year of the program, the ski and snowboard applications were all of a very high calibre and interestingly a large number of the parents had had childhood experiences with the Wanaka club or other Snowsports Clubs in NZ. The WSSC committee felt it would benefit our local snowsports community to award all fifty two applicants grants for 2015. Therefore, seventeen individuals and seventeen families will receive awards totalling $9,350. All families must join the WSSC to participate in the program."

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