Snow Sports NZ Olympic Nomination Criteria Revised

The following changes have been made to the Snow Sports New Zealand Inc. Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games Nomination Criteria and agreed by the New Zealand Olympic Committee selectors. 

In summary the changes that have been made are:

  1. Alpine and Cross Country athletes no longer need to be FIS Top 80 ranked. The word and following clause 5.2a has been replaced with or,
  2. The deadline for meeting the selection standards is now 12 January (Alpine and Cross Country) or 19 January (Freeski and Snowboard) - both previously 17 December - to allow NZL to qualify nation or personal spots and attend events that were not calendared when the criteria were first announced,
  3. Cross Country, Freeski and Snowboard athletes need to attend a minimum of four FIS World Cup events and place in the top half of the field in at least two of those events (previously 50:50:50). 

Download Nomination Criteria here 

11 years ago
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