Snow Sports NZ National Teams Announcement

Snow Sports New Zealand is pleased to announce the selection of the following teams:

Freeski & Snowboard

Over the past few months Snow Sports NZ has been reviewing the Freeski and Snowboard team structures and athlete pathways. The new structures will provide alignment with the regional coaches and programmes to develop up and coming skier and snowboarders, provide development opportunities for those on the cusp of international success and provide support for the national team.

For more information on the structure and selection of the National Team and Development Programmes please click on the links below:

Freeski Team Selection

Snowboard Team Selection

Freeski Team

This year’s selection sees four new additions to the National Team. The National Team has not seen any new additions for over five years so it is great to welcome Beau-James Wells, Rose Battersby, Anna Willcox-Silfverberg and Charlie Lyons.

National Team Athletes:

Janina Kuzma                                     National Team

Lyndon Sheehan                                 National Team

Sam Smoothy                                    National Team

Jossi Wells                                         National Team

Byron Wells                                       National Team

Beau-James Wells                              National Team

Rose Battersby                                  National Team

Anna Willcox-Silfverberg                     National Team

Charlie Lyons                                     National Team


Development Programme Athletes:

Congratulations to the following athletes who have been selected for the Freeski Development Programme:

Taylor King                                          High Performance Development

Hamish McDougall                                High Performance Development

Harry Pettit                                          High Performance Development

Ryan Read                                           High Performance Development

Nick Rapley                                          High Performance Development

Neil Williman                                         High Performance Development

Sam Lee                                               High Performance Development

George Pengelly                                    High Performance Development


Finn Bilous                                          Talent Development

Hank Bilous                                         Talent Development

Jackson Wells                                      Talent Development

Miguel Porteous                                   Talent Development

Toby Dickson                                      Talent Development

Jacob Tapper-Norris                             Talent Development

Manu Barnard                                      Talent Development

Nico Porteous                                      Talent Development

Alex Savery                                         Talent Development

Craig Murray                                        Talent Development


Snowboard Team

After great results over the past 12 months both Christy Prior and Stef Zeestraten have been added to the National Snowboard Team.

National Team Athletes:

Shelly Gotlieb                                     National Team

Carl Murphy                                       National Team

Rebecca Sinclair                                  National Team

Maria Kuzma                                      National Team

Rebecca Torr                                     National Team

Stefi Luxton                                       National Team

Stef Zeestraten                                  National Team

Christy Prior                                       National Team


Development Programme Athletes:

Congratulations to all the Development Programme riders below and in particular to Hamish Bagley and Tim Herbert who have both stepped up to the High Performance Programme.

Ben Comber                                       High Performance Development

Milu Multhaup-Appleton                       High Performance Development

Cody Logan                                        High Performance Development

Mitch Brown                                       High Performance Development

Tim Herbert                                        High Performance Development

Hamish Bagley                                    High Performance Development

Rauri Macfarlane                                 High Performance Development


Duncan Campbell                                Talent Development

JJ Rayward                                         Talent Development

Kristal Roberts                                    Talent Development

Seb Judge                                          Talent Development

Sam Christie                                       Talent Development

Carlos Knight                                      Talent Development

Lyon Farrell                                         Talent Development

Freeman Andrews                                Talent Development



National Team - Ski 

Adam Hall has been selected to the Adaptive Snow Sports National Team as he has achieved Elite High Performance status due to the results he has achieved on the World Cup circuit and at the World Championships in La Molina, Spain, where he placed third in the Slalom. He has consistently placed in the top six in the world in his chosen disciplines and is on track to podium at the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games. Adam is ranked third in the world in Super-G and seventh in the world in Slalom.

National Team – Snowboard 

Carl Murphy has been selected to the Adaptive Snow Sports National Team as he has achieved Elite High Performance status due to the results he has achieved on the Snowboarding World Cup tour. Carl placed first in the World Cup event in Sochi Russia, which also doubled as a test event for the 2014 Paralympic Winter Games. Carl also gained a first and a second placing in the Canadian World Cup. Carl holds a joint number one world ranking for adaptive snowboarding.

National Development Programme

Corey Peters has been selected to the High Performance Development Programme. Corey has performed exceptionally for a skier who is in the early stages of development. Corey’s best result of the season was a 10th place in the World Championships in GS in La Molina, Spain. He performed well in Nor-Am races and finished off his Northern Hemisphere season with a second place in the GS in Sun Peaks, Canada and a third in the Slalom.  

For more information on the structure and selection of the National Team and Development Programmes please click on the links below:

Adaptive Snow Sports Team Selection


The following athletes have met the FIS point criteria for pre-selection to the National Team.  Full selection will be confirmed in late October/November 2013.

Ben Griffin                                          Alpine B Team

Nick Prebble                                       Alpine C Team

Willis Feasey                                      Alpine C Team

Adam Barwood                                  Alpine C Team

Piera Hudson                                     Alpine C Team


Harriet Miller-Brown                          Alpine D Team

Finlay Neeson                                  Alpine D Team

Jamie Prebble                                   Skier Cross


Taylor Rapley and Emily Wright are pursuing other interests and will not be named to any of the ski teams.  Although they have stated they are not available for selection, they would still like to compete in some of the planned 2013 competitions.

Finlay Neeson has also advised he will be returning to the USA in August to start with a full scholarship at the Sierra Nevada College, Lake Tahoe.  Finlay will be a full member of the College ski team and will continue his racing career at college FIS events, FIS and Nor-Am events. 


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