Snow Sports NZ and Mons Royale Announce New Partnership

Lake Wanaka, New Zealand (24 August 2017) – Kiwi skiers and snowboarders competing in slopestyle and halfpipe events across the globe will ride in warmth and style as the result of a partnership between Snow Sports NZ and Mons Royale called “Black Snow”.


Snow Sports NZ and Mons Royale have developed new competition wear totally unlike anything worn by the NZ park and pipe team before – a heavyweight technical hoody constructed using an innovative blend of man-made fibres and merino wool to create a super warm yet breathable merino fleece. The hoody delivers on-mountain performance yet gives the wearer a stylish, contemporary look that’s the perfect match for big air, slopestyle and halfpipe riding.

Under the hoody, athletes will be layering a set of limited edition Black Snow merino base layer garments, also created for competition wear by Mons Royale.

“It’s really awesome to have a garment like this as part of our uniform,” says athlete Carlos Garcia Knight. “I really feel like I’ll be wearing something I want to wear when I drop in with this on. Plus, it’s cool that it’s from a New Zealand brand. It really feels like I’ll be bringing something from home with me.”

Mons Royale’s Founder and CEO Hamish Acland said, “Most park type riders love to ride in a hoody. So, what we’ve done is combine that aesthetic with the technical performance of merino to create a garment that’s much more fit for purpose. The merino fleece we’ve developed is warmer, even if it gets wet, more breathable and fully featured so it’s a genuine on-mountain garment.”


But it’s not just the NZ park and pipe team that can get in on the act. Black Snow is a fundraising initiative to help Snow Sports NZ continue to develop world-class athletes and for fans to show their support for the athletes.

“We wanted to create something that would have a sense of mana. Something that the snow sports fan could get behind and be a way of engaging with the athletes when they’re competing. That’s what Black Snow is all about,” said Acland.

A limited edition Black Snow Merino T-Shirt and Tank have been developed for both guys and girls and will be available for snow sport fans to purchase during spring and summer via Mons Royale’s online store. 

All profits from the sale of Black Snow garments will be donated to Snow Sports NZ’s athlete development initiatives.

Snow Sports NZ CEO Marty Toomey says that Black Snow represents a fantastic way for fans to connect with NZ’s top athletes: “The northern hemisphere events the team are focused on take place in the middle of our summer when a lot of Kiwis might be more focused on boating and cricket. We want to be able to create a really strong engagement with the nation as this makes a real difference to the athletes’ experience. Making it possible for both athletes and fans to wear the same Black Snow T-shirt creates an immediate and direct connection between us all – supporters and riders. Plus, we’re working with Mons Royale on more ways for fans and athletes to engage through social media and come together to support New Zealand athletes competing on the world stage.”

Black Snow supporters wear will be available from from Monday 4th September 2017.


Mons Royale will be launching a #BlackSnow campaign and “Chapter Kit”. This will encourage and enable snow sport fans to create their own Black Snow chapters and set up “livesites” to gather together to watch and support their favourite athletes as they compete during the New Zealand summer (the northern hemisphere winter).


Mons Royale and Snow Sports NZ will officially launch Black Snow at the Black Snow Party in Wanaka on the 4th of September at the Audi quattro Winter Games NZ.


Snow Sports NZ and Mons Royale Announce New Partnership

7 years ago