Rose Battersby on Slopestyle Podium at The North Face Freeski Open

Wanaka, New Zealand (8 August 2012) – New Zealand’s Rose Battersby was once again on The North Face Freeski Open Slopestyle podium taking third place in for the second year in a row.

Battersby nailed a styled out left 900 to finish her run. She was super stoked with her first result of the competitive season after finishing fourth in the overall AFP World Tour standings last season.

“I am so happy to get third again,” exclaimed an excited Rose. “This third place is way more rewarding than last year, as the field was far more competitive this year!”

After showing impressive form in the semis, Beau-James Wells kept the momentum into the finals and was in the best form of his life, finishing off in eighth place with one of the most flawless switch double rodeo 900s the judges have ever seen.

The exhibition of some of the worldʼs best Freeskiers from four different continents induced a series of jaw-dropping tricks, including Gus Kenworthyʼs switch double cork 1260 in the semis. The American and AFP World Tour number one entered today's competition with a broken wrist, deserving respect despite placing fifth overall.

American Freeski Team member Emilia Wint crushed it in the ladies final, leaving the blocks with all guns blazing, putting down a left 540, to switch left rodeo 540 critical and finishing off her run with a giant 720 tweaked mute grab which left the judges speechless. Emilia was awarded a well-deserved 84.50 and NZ$3000 prize-cheque. In second place was Canadian Dara Howell, whose run included a 540, switch 540 and a massive 900.

In the end Russ Henshaw went home with the NZ$6000 cheque for winning the men’s slopestyle finals, scoring a massive 84.80 out of 100. The X-Games medallist displayed an array of different skills in his run with a front 450 off the close out rail, a lip 270 on 270 out of the down rail followed by a switch 540 tap over the bonk feature. Over the jumps he dominated with a right double cork 1260 mute backed up with a switch left double rodeo 900 Japan, finishing up with a 450 off the infamous ʻRock and Roll Hornsʼ.

“I am super stoked to be able to compete at The North Face Freeski Open of New Zealand this year, after missing out through injury last year,” said the ecstatic Australian. “Getting first here in New Zealand is just the best feeling I have had in a long time!”

The young Swede Jesper Tjader kept close with Henshaw over the kickers, meeting him trick for trick, but had to settle for second place, even though he stomped a creative 270 to front flip off the knuckle on the ʻThe Hornsʼ feature. In third place was Jules Bonnaire from France, who impressed the judges with a style filled run, including a technical switch right bio 900 and a left rodeo 1080 tail grab.

Next week the Big Mountain competition kicks off at the Remarkables,so there is plenty more action to come at The North Face Freeski Open of New Zealand.