NZ Schools Cross Country Skiing Championship 2015

Lake Wanaka, New Zealand (22 September 2015) – The NZ Schools Cross Country Skiing Championship 2015 was held at the Snow Farm in Wanaka on 19 September with 26 participants from six schools.

Medals were awarded to the top three place getters in the following categories: 

Individuals – Primary Schools Y1-6


3 n/a

2 Daniel Wright

1 Alex Graham


3 Breanna Thurston

2 Isla Nelson

1 Olivia Jones

Individuals – Intermediate Schools Y7-8


3 Ben McNabb

2 Tom Colbourne

1 Campbell Wright


3 n/a

2 Skye Morton

1 Meg Creagh

Individuals – Secondary Schools Y9-13


3 Tim Barrow

2 Martin Zietz

1 Louis Jones



3 Juliette Lequex

2 Rebecca Carruthers

1 Ella Maluschnig


Top School Participation (Liz Conroy Trophy)

3 Fiordland College (4)

2 Wanaka Primary School (5)

1 Mount Aspiring College (10)


Relay Race – Competitive Teams (Relay Cup)

3 Dunstan High School (Iona, Ella, Will)

2 Mt Aspiring College Y7-8 (Ben, Campbell, Tom)

1 Mt Aspiring College Y9-13 (Ella, Louis, Martin)


Overall School Squad (Radio Central Cup)

3 Dunstan High School 52 points

2 Fiordland College 66 points

1 Mount Aspiring College 95 points

 Full results are available here 

Planning is already underway for the 2016 event. An invitation is extended to all interested New Zealand Secondary Schools to attend the annual NZ Secondary School Cross Country Skiing Championship at the Snow Farm, Cardona Valley, Wanaka, on Saturday 17thSeptember, 2016.

This is an individual and team based event hosted by the Pisa Alpine Charatible Trust, Snow Farm and the Waiorau Nordic Sport Club.

Visit for the weekend or just a day to see this stimulating environment and to learn what else is on offer for education outside the classroom.

The team at the Snow Farm will happily discuss the winter skiing programmes they offer to schools that incorporate appropriate Unit and Achievement Standards into senior PE and OE curriculums.

Race Categories

There will be three races:

1.      3km individual Classic  (maximum 30 minutes)

2.      1km Individual Freestyle Sprint (Classic or Skate)     (maximum 5 minutes per race)

3.      3 x 3km Team Relay Freestyle (Classic and Skate)    (maximum 60  minutes for 3 participants)


Image: The NZ Schools Cross Country Skiing Championship 2015 (Credit: Liz and Steve Maluschnig)