Notice of Spring Alpine Forum and Alpine Sport Committee Elections

The SSNZ Spring Alpine Forum will be held at 10:00am on Sunday 21st October 2018

The meeting will take place at Snowplanet, 91 Small Road, Silverdale, Auckland

Proposed Motions

Any proposed motions (including alterations to the New Zealand Alpine Competition Rules) and other items of business from Members and/or the Snow Sports NZ Alpine Clubs must be received in writing by the Alpine Manager by 4:00pm on Friday 12th October 2018. 

Alpine Sport Committee Vacancies

There are four vacancies on the Alpine Sport Committee as a result of the terms of office expiring for Adrian Farnsworth, Mark Benseman, Jono Howson and Grant Winsloe; two of these vacancies are for Elected Committee Member positions, two are for SSNZ Board Appointed Committee Member positions. 

Voting for the two elected positions is now open. Information about the applicants can be found online here. Votes can be made using the online voting form.

Voting closes on the 19th of October at 4:00pm.

The ASC appointments panel, comprising of the SSNZ CEO Jan Shearer, Richard Leggat - SSNZ Board Member and Julie Hood - Sport NZ Governance Consultant, have undertaken a review of the applicants and ASC members.  After utilising a skills matrix format the appointments panel recommend Jono Howson and Flick Wallace for election to the ASC. Cameron Wilson and Patrick McAteer stand as independent candidates. 

ASC Regulation 1: For the purposes of electing individuals to the Alpine Sport Committee, financial members of SSNZ who are older than U16 Alpine grade in the year of the election, and who have selected Alpine as their sport. Shall have one vote each.  For those SSNZ financial members who are in the U16 Alpine grade and younger in the year of the election, and who have elected Alpine as their sport, a Parent or Guardian will be entitled to vote on their behalf.  The Parent or Guardian so voting must be identified in the SSNZ membership database as such at the time of the election and must specify for which member they are casting a vote.  For clarity, in the case of siblings, a Parent or Guardian of the siblings may cast one vote for each of the siblings.  Parents or Guardians cannot vote for members who are older than the U16 Alpine grade in the year of the election.

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