Nico Porteous wins X Games Gold Medal and “achieves lifelong dream”

Nico Porteous has won the 2021 X Games Aspen Freeski SuperPipe Gold medal tonight in Aspen, Colorado. This is the first time a New Zealand athlete has won the gold medal at X Games in Freeski SuperPipe.

Porteous made history tonight when he became the first freeskier to ever land both his right double 1620 and the combination of a right double 1620 into a left double 1620 in a halfpipe competition.

“It has been a lifelong dream for me, so it is pretty surreal right now and pretty out of this world”

Porteous jumped into the gold medal position on his third of four runs, which consisted of a switch right 900, switch left double 1080, the historic right double 1620 into the left double 1620 and finished his run off with a left double flat 900.

“That run has been in the works for the past year and half, I dreamt that run and have worked really hard at it and gave it my best shot to make it become a realty this NZ winter with the help of Cardrona Alpine Resort and High Performance Sport New Zealand. To be able to land it and win the gold medal is pretty unbelievable.”

When asked about how Porteous was able to perform such a technical, never done before run he explained that he “listened to the right tunes and thought about all the time I have put in [preparing for this run]. I was hyper focussed and knew what I had to do and didn’t let anything get in the way.”

Porteous was joined on the podium by Aaron Blunck with the silver medal and Birk Irving with the bronze medal, both from the USA.

Porteous’ coach Tommy Pyatt said “obviously with a first place result we are both so happy, and it is great to tick that box [X Games gold medal]."

Nico Porteous wins X Games Gold Medal and “achieves lifelong dream”

3 years ago