Kiwi Snowboarding powerhouse Zoi Sadowski-Synnott claims career first win at Dew Tour

Zoi Sadowski-Synnott (20 years old) has taken an impressive win this morning in the Women’s Snowboard slopestyle finals at the prestigious invite only Dew Tour this morning. Today marked Zoi’s first Dew Tour podium of her incredible career.  

“I am pretty stoked, Dew Tour was the first invite only competition that I ever got invited to so to come back and do well, I am super stoked. The speed was there this morning and I managed to do what I wanted to do”. 

Zoi took control of the competition right from her first of three runs this morning, laying down a technical, stylish run. Her rail section consisted of a transfer to the wall ride, boardslide 270 out on the flat down and a 270 on, out switch on the down bar with a slight revert on landing.  

Although the speed was proving an issue for some riders Zoi carried her speed into the jump section, linking together a switch backside 540, a frontside 720 melon grab with a back 900 and was rewarded with an 88.50 that put her in the top spot. 

Coming into run two Zoi wanted to clean up her run and improve the execution. She did just that and upped her score to a 95.00. She explained ‘I am so stoked to put that down [second run], I actually did a revert in the middle of my run last run. I am stoked that I landed it so now I can build on it”.

Sitting comfortably in the top spot going into her third and final run, commentators wondered if she would just take it easy knowing she was sitting in a really good position, but anyone who knows Zoi knew that wouldn’t be the case.  

Zoi replaced the switch backside 540 with a huge switch back 900 to the delight of the crowd and the commentators. The judges were also impressed, scoring her a massive 97.75, rendering her untouchable by her competitors and a huge seven points ahead of second place Enni Rukajarvi (FIN). Kokomo Murase (JPN) rounded out the podium in third.  


Kiwi Snowboarding powerhouse Zoi Sadowski-Synnott claims career first win at Dew Tour

3 years ago
  Zoi Sadowski-Synnott