FIS Children’s Events 2015, Expressions of Interest

With the Northern Hemisphere season coming on fast, there are a number of athletes wishing to compete in FIS Children’s competitions in the Northern Hemisphere 2015.

Please note, FIS Children’s Events run under the rules of the FIS ICR (International Competition Rules) and the following points must be followed.

1)      All entries will be completed  by Snow Sports NZ

2)      All athletes must be current registered members of SSNZ (Alpine Junior Competitive)

3)      All athletes' parents MUST sign and return to SSNZ the FIS Athlete Declaration and a copy of your athlete's passport photo page. Athletes that have completed this in 2014 do NOT need to resend the athlete declaration.

4)      All athletes MUST have comprehensive insurance, covering Alpine Ski Racing and Alpine Training, including full medical and transport cover.

5)      Snow Sports NZ will nominate athletes guided by the following criteria:

a)      Results from the 2014 New Zealand Youth Series (NZYS) will be used to rank the U14 and U16 female and male athletes.

b)      The best two results from the NZYS in Giant Slalom (GS), Slalom (SL) and Super Giant Slalom (SG) will be used to create the rank order for each discipline and gender, using NZYS result points. In the case of a tie in the discipline NZYS points, the athlete with the highest discipline points from the entire 2014 series will be ranked higher.

Please complete and return to [email protected] the Expression of Interest form, so athletes can be ranked in order as per the above criteria. 

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FIS Children’s Events 2015, Expressions of Interest

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