Final Results of the K2 Big Mountain CHILL Series

Day four of four, epic! Despite a doom forecast the competitors were up early and so too were the organisers. Trying to outsmart Mother Nature the competition got underway at 10-am and as the wind picked up the list of remaining competitors dwindled. By 1pm with increasingly flat light and strong winds coming, the competition was over. Done! Four days of just epic competition in four days, the Weather Gods were smiling on the K2 Big Mountain CHILL Series. 

The level of competition was extremely high. Yet again we saw massive back flips. Cored threes and even a Rodeo 7. On top of that, Plake’ Mistake was almost tracked out after many of the field decided to sniff out the gnar with a go big go home mindset. 

The overall winners were:

Female Snowboard: Tess Carney (USA)
Female Ski: Natalie Segal (AUS)
Male Snowboard: Ruari Macfarlane (NZ)
Male Ski: Cam McDermid (NZ)

A huge thanks to all who made the event possible, K2, CHILL and the competitors. Stay tuned to the edits. They’re going to be epic. The first edit drops Wednesday. Stay tuned to 

12 years ago