Dobbin Set for 10K

Sochi, Russia- (17 February 2014 ) –  Shane Dobbin is laying down the times required to pull off a strong race at the Sochi Olympic Games taking place late tonight in the coastal Adler Arena.

Last day race preparation went to plan with mechanics, tecnique and lap times coming together.

The draw has also gone Dobbin’s way with the pairing in spot number two with Germany’s Moritz Geisreiter. Coach and brother Kalon Dobbin believes the ‘big, tall German’ will allow Shane an opportunity for drafting in the early laps before he settles into his race schedule.

“Then it’s going to be a matter of laying down a time that makes everyone else over-push,” explained Kalon.

Kalon is philosophical about the dominance of the Dutch in long track speed skating at this Olympic Games but knows anything can happen. “It's really us against the best of the rest and we're aiming for a top seven result. But, they’re only human so if one of them falls over it puts us in the position of being an outside medal prospect.”

“Everything’s spot on the, techniques the best I’ve seen it looking, everything is set for tomorrow.”

Shane goes into his favoured 10,000m as one of just 14 starters.

“To qualify for this event is incredibly tough,” said Kalon. “The race tonight is effectively the finals of what is a long and arduous qualification season.

Shane is ranked 10th and finished 6th at the 2013 World Championships here in Sochi. 


Dobbin Set for 10K

10 years ago