Alpine Ski Racing World Cup course set awarded to team New Zealand for the first time

New Zealand has been chosen to set the course for a World Cup Giant Slalom Alpine Ski Race for the first time due to Alice Robinson’s outstanding results over the past year.

Robinson’s coach Chris Knight (Christchurch) will set the Giant Slalom course for the first run at the FIS World Cup Giant Slalom to be held in Courchevel, France on the 12th and 13th of December.

New Zealand has been awarded the historic course set because of a complex process which involves the significant World Cup points Robinson has contributed with her World Cup success over the last years.

There are potential advantages to the nation who sets the course. The course can be set to suit the strengths of that nations athlete’s and also allows an advanced knowledge of the course, that otherwise wouldn’t be seen until race day.  

Robinson said “It’s a first for me to have my own coach setting a course at a World Cup, the sets are very biased to the larger teams so it’s normally the likes of the Austrians, Swiss, Italians or Norwegians who get the course sets. It’s a nice feeling [to have Chris setting the course] because I can have confidence going into the race knowing that the course is set to my advantage. However I still have to ski my best to take advantage of it”.

Knight explained "It's quite exciting for New Zealand in the sport of ski racing, all done by Alice's results over the last couple of years, that she has us in a position up the rankings where we were selected to set the course - so it's very exciting". Quote sourced from Matt Brown, NZ Herald article.

“We know she’s a very good technical skier so we will set to her advantages in that respect and base training off it as well and we should be in good shape”. Knight on setting the course for Robinson. Quote sourced from Matt Brown, NZ Herald article.

The Courchevel World Cup Giant Slalom is a double up event. Two separate races will be held, one on Saturday night and one on Sunday night, both starting at 9.30pm NZT. Live timing can be accessed via the FIS website and regular updates will be made on the Snow Sports NZ Social Media platforms throughout the event.

FIS Live Timing 

Matt Brown, NZ Herald article

Image Credit: Erich Spiess / Red Bull Content Pool

Alpine Ski Racing World Cup course set awarded to team New Zealand for the first time

3 years ago