Alice Robinson leaves it all on the Super-G Course

Alpine Ski Racer Alice Robinson (Queenstown, 20) gave it her all today on the Super-G course at the Yanqing National Alpine Ski Centre.

“I didn’t want to get down here and finish in seventh place, I wanted to win so I was willing to risk it all. I was enroute to the podium but sometimes when you risk it all there are big consequences” explained Robinson.

Today’s big consequence was Robinson clipping a gate with her shin at 100km/h and crashing. Thankfully she is injury free and feeling good, with just a bruise on her shin to show for her high-speed crash.

Although it wasn’t the race that Robinson was looking for, she can take solace in the fact that she was skiing incredibly well and was up on her first split.

Robinson’s performance today proves that she has the speed and the talent, and as one of the youngest in the field she has many more Super-G races ahead of her.

Alice Robinson leaves it all on the Super-G Course

2 years ago
  Alice Robinson