Adaptive Committee - Call for Applications

The role and functions of the Adaptive Sport Committee are outlined in Part IV of the Snow Sports NZ Constitution (pp 28-32).  The Adaptive Sport Committee is made up of up to seven members, two to four whom are elected by Adaptive members, one of whom is a Snow Sports NZ employee and up to two whom are appointed by the Snow Sports NZ Board. The Chair of the Adaptive Sport Committee is elected annually by the committee members.

Two appointed members of the Adaptive Sport Committee (James Littlejohn and Jo Dominick) and one elected member (Jody Blatchley) have completed their two year terms. All three committee members intend to stand for re-election.

Jane Stevens will continue to be the Snow Sports NZ staff member on the Adaptive Sport Committee (SSNZ, Adaptive Manager) and the Snow Sports NZ Board reserves its right to appoint up to two members to the Sport Committee. This leaves one position to be filled via election.

While the Adaptive Sport Committee is not intended to be a regional representative body it is important that the committee is not biased toward, or against, any region and that it operates for the good of Adaptive snow sports across all of New Zealand.

 Snow Sports NZ seeks nominations from current financial members:

  •  with a passion for Adaptive Snow Sports;
  • with sufficient knowledge, time and energy to drive Adaptive Snow Sports forward;
  • who will put the sport ahead of personal interests (family, club, region or business); and
  • who have a vision of what needs to happen to increase the number of participants, competitors and the success of New Zealand Adaptive snow sports athletes on the world stage.

If you are interested in being elected onto the Adaptive Sport Committee you will need to complete this form and return it to Marty Toomey [email protected] by 4:00pm on Monday 22 August. An electronic voting process will open on Wednesday 24 August and close at 4pm Friday 2 September. Voting will also be open on the day of the Adaptive Forum, Saturday 3 September, from 6pm at Snow Sports NZ 78 Anderson Road, Wanaka. The successful candidates will be identified at the Forum.


  •  15-22 August: Accept applications
  •  24 August - 2 September: Voting online and by mail
  •  2 September: Online voting closes at 4pm
  •  3 September: Adaptive Forum 6pm Snow Sports NZ, 78 Anderson Road, Wanaka.

Thank you.

Martin Toomey

Chief Executive

Application form - word document

Application form - pdf document


Adaptive Committee - Call for Applications

8 years ago