Hemi Meikle

Hemi Meikle is a member of the 2022/23 Snow Sports NZ Alpine Junior FIS Squad.

Disciplines:   Slalom, Giant Slalom & Super G

Career Highlights:  
  • Qualifying for Whistler Cup in 2020, 2021  
  • Winning U-16 Overall NZ nationals 2020-2021
  • FIS First Year 3rd Kiwi NZ Nationals 2022-2023


Hemi started skiing when he was one and half years old in Niseko, Hokkaido, Japan. He started off with just all mountain skiing and then when Hemi was six years old he joined a local racing team in Niseko and started to get into ski racing. The first season he spent in New Zealand was when he was 11 years old. 

Hemi's first competitions  were the local races throughout Hokkaido in Japan, where he used to always take second place in the races by a fraction of a second. He attributes his motivation to improve his skiing to these second place results. Hemi's most memorable skiing moment was winning his first race and taking the top spot over the athlete who always used to beat him in Hokkaido. 

Hemi's goals in skiing are to represent New Zealand at World Cup level and at the Winter Olympics and be able to compete against the best skiers in the world.

When Hemi isn't up the mountain training you will find him playing golf or football or studying hard at school.

Check out more of Hemi Meikle's results: FIS Results 

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