Terms and conditions

I understand that every application for membership of Snow Sports NZ Inc. shall be determined by the Board in accordance with the Snow Sports NZ Constitution and Regulations and accept the Resignation and Termination of Membership (clause 14 of the Snow Sports NZ Constitution).

Snow Sports NZ Inc., are hereby permitted to use this information for the purpose of membership benefits, communication, fundraising, statistics and to assist programme co-ordinators.

I understand that Snow Sports NZ Inc. and members will exercise all due care but will not be liable for injury or damage which may be sustained to person or property whilst taking part in snow sports.

I understand that if I identify myself with a Coaching Provider, that Coaching Provider has the ability to sign me up for events.

I understand that event registration fees refunded after the registration close off time will incur a $2 administration fee and a 4% banking fee. 

I have read the above and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions.