Tips for Healthy Eating During Lockdown

Is lockdown causing you to live in your pantry?! We asked Carolyn Cruden, Nutritionist for our High Performance Programme, for a few tips to help keep those extra snacks at bay. Here's Caz's advice:

  • Are you actually hungry?...Grab a drink instead.

Often having a drink distracts us enough to stop boredom eating and it helps us stay hydrated.  Water is best but why not mix it up a little with a new type of herbal tea, ooooooh!

  • Are you actually hungry again?....Listen to your stomach. 

Ask yourself do I have the feeling of hunger (have I forgotten what that feels like) OR am I boredom eating?

  • Make sure if you do need a snack it is healthy.   Fresh fruit and vegies, low sugar muesli bars, low fat dips, nuts, popcorn…
  • Create structure in your day, especially with mealtimes.  If breakfast falls off the wagon, then the rest of the day is catch up and often it is much harder to eat healthy.
  • Stay active and sleep well.  This will aid a positive frame of mind, remove stress and reduce temptation from the pantry.
Tips for Healthy Eating During Lockdown

4 years ago