Home Study Tips from NZ's Top Snow Sports Athletes

Finding it hard to get motivated to study at home? Did you know that many of New Zealand’s top athletes are also studying and remote learning is a big part of their ‘normal’ lifestyle i.e. even when we’re not in lockdown!

We had a chat to a few high performance snow sports athletes to find out what they’re studying, why they’re doing it and how they stay motivated.

Corey Peters – Para Alpine Ski Racer

Paralympic silver and bronze medallist, World Cup Crystal Globe winner

Studying: Architectural Technology

You're a successful athlete, how come you're also studying?

The reason why I am studying is to prepare myself for life after competing. Sport is only one aspect of life and I think it is important to have other interests to balance out all the training and competition that is involved with being an elite athlete.

The average career of most elite athletes is around 10 years so it’s not going to be a lifelong career option for most. Retirement is inevitable. Studying towards a qualification or a vocational pathway is the perfect way to help with the transition from athlete life to future employment.

How do you stay motivated?

Sometimes it is difficult to get/be motivated especially during high training loads, competition and just managing the physical and mental fatigue that comes with being at an elite level. I think the most important thing for staying motivated is that you must have a genuine interest in what you plan on studying. For me Architecture has always been of interest, especially coming from a building background. So, I haven’t really found it difficult to apply myself to the extramural study demands. From a young age I have always been really goal driven and everything that I do or have done I always try to do to the best of my ability and set high standards for myself.

What's Your Study Tip?

Be goal driven in your study, the same as you are with your sport. Keep your goals realistic and achievable and give yourself a reward when you achieve your goal. Example: My goal is to do 30 minutes of maths, if I achieve it, I can spend 30 minutes… (you can choose your own fun activity!)

Home Study Tips from NZ's Top Snow Sports Athletes

4 years ago