Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games Athlete Scholarships

The Athlete Scholarships for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games have now been released. These Scholarships are designed to assist athletes preparing and attempting to qualify for the Games. 

The New Zealand Olympic Committee has the opportunity to apply, on behalf of NSOs, for up to a maximum of 10 scholarships.

Athletes must have the following profile to be considered for a scholarship: 

  • Olympic winter sport: An international-level athlete practising an individual sport included on the Olympic winter programme and whose National Federation will express an interest in attending the Games to the NZOC.
  • Minimum technical level: The athlete must have the technical level to be able to qualify for the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022. Proof of the athlete’s technical sports level must be shown through results obtained at international competitions, recognised by the International Winter Sports Federations.
  • Access to training funds: Only athletes to whom a scholarship will make a significant difference to their training, and who do not have access to alternative means of paying for their preparation, may be put forward.
  • Ethics: Athletes who have been convicted of a doping offence or sanctioned for actions contrary to the standards of sporting ethics as established by the Olympic Charter, the IOC or NOC may not be put forward as scholarship candidates.

 An Olympic scholarship offers a fixed monthly training grant of up to US$1,500 per month to cover the athlete’s training and coaching costs, (paid on a quarterly basis) subject to periodic reporting to the NZOC. 

The Scholarships will commence on 1 November 2019 and go through to the end of the Games (unless terminated earlier in line with the IOC Programme Guidelines). 

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship please fill in the application form, which then needs be signed and sent to the NZOC by Snow Sports NZ.  

The NZOC will provide a recommendation to Olympic Solidarity mid July 2019 at which time we will let you know whether your application has been successful, subject to approval by Olympic Solidarity.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

All enquiries regarding the Scholarships should be made to Ashley Light, High Performance Director: 

Mobile: 021 454 448

Email: [email protected] 

Closing date for applications is Tuesday 25 June 2019. 

All applications must be received by close of business on the date specified above via the following methods –

Email:                   [email protected]

Mail:                     Snow Sports NZ
                                PO Box 395

                                Wanaka. 9305

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