Mariane Wray

Enhancing Athletic Performance Through Sport Psychology

Mariane Wray brings diverse experience to the role of sport psychologist at Snow Sport New Zealand. After registering as a psychologist, Mariane spent many years as a Military Psychologist, where she learned first hand the importance of performing at one’s best under intense pressure and throughout critical moments. Her transition into sport was a natural progression of this, and having previously worked within both individual and team sports has helped her to develop knowledge and skills that successfully help athletes unlock their full potential by understanding the performance gains that their minds can create.

Role at Snow Sports NZ

At Snow Sports NZ, Mariane collaborates with athletes, coaches, and teams, emphasising awareness, mental preparedness and resilience. Her toolbox includes evidence-based techniques that can be tailored to the individual needs of athletes. Whether it’s a snowboarder at the top of a halfpipe or an Alpine Ski Racer navigating giant slalom gates, Mariane provides personalised guidance. The impact of the sport psychologist works cohesively with other athlete providers that extends beyond medals, nurturing resilient, focused  and independent athletes who thrive both on and off the slopes.

When Mariane isn’t involved in supporting athletes and teams, she usually immerses herself in outdoor activities including horseback riding, hiking, gardening and skiing.