Fuel Card FAQ's

What is the SSNZ Fuel Card?

The Snow Sports NZ Fuel Card provides discounts to make getting to the snow just that little bit easier and cheaper.  Snow Sports NZ has partnered with the Skeggs Foundation from May 2015 to offer fuel discounts to its members and supporters.

Who is the Skeggs Foundation?

The Skeggs Foundation is a Charitable Trust established in 1993 and raises funds via a fuel card scheme operated in partnership with Kiwi Fuelcards (Formerly Far North Fuels).

Who are Far North Fuels?

Far North Fuels was established in 2003 to provide discount fuel to businesses in Northland. The business quickly grew to encompass the whole country. The office is based in Kerikeri and due to heavy investment in IT operates very efficiently with 8 fulltime account and administration staff, an IT Manager and 3 directors, all who have extensive business backgrounds. 15 years after starting up, in November 2017, the company changed its name to Kiwi Fuelcards to refelect the fact that is has customers right across NZ.

Why are Snow Sports NZ friends with the Skeggs Foundation?

The Skeggs Foundation provides financial support to Otago athletes to help them represent their province and their country.  Since 1993 it has helped hundreds of athletes reach their goals and continues to assist Otago sportspeople to strive for success. Watch this video to find out more

How do I get access to the fuel offer?

Firstly sign up below and we will email you a link to complete the application online or print the form to complete and post.

What is the benefit of a Snow Sports NZ Fuel Card?

The benefit of getting a Snow Sports NZ Fuel Card is heavily discounted fuel prices at BP and Mobil fuel stations and truck stops throughout the country 365 days a year.

Which fuel stations does the Snow Sports NZ Fuel Card get discounts at?

Card holders can sign up for either or both BP and Mobil fuel cards.

What is different about Snow Sports NZ Fuel Card discounts?

The Snow Sports NZ Fuel Card differs to other fuel cards because there are multiple options for purchasing discounted fuel (BP and Mobil).

What are the Snow Sports NZ discounts on fuel?

The BP and Mobil fuel cards offer discounts indexed against the national price (the average price in Wellington and Auckland) irrespective of where fuel is purchased. This equates to a significant discount off the pump price (e.g. up to 20 cents per litre) in ski towns like Ohakune, National Park, Methven, Tekapo, Wanaka and Queenstown. Mobil also offers a second option based on a fixed discount off the pump price which works well in larger metropolitan areas (e.g. Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin).

Where can I use the Snow Sports NZ Fuel Card?

A map of the participating fuel stations is available on the Kiwi Fuelcards website. The map is useful for determining which fuel card(s) to opt for based on the location of fuel sites close to where people live and play. BP cards are also accepted at most g.a.s fuel stations throughout New Zealand.

What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

During office hours (8.30am – 5.00pm Mon to Fri) contact Kiwi Fuelcards on 0800 43 83 83 or email [email protected]. After office hours for your Mobil card contact Mobil on 0800 732 277, or for your Caltex Starcard contact Caltex on 0800 733 835. Please contact us to order replacement cards.

Can my card be used at all Mobil/Caltex sites throughout New Zealand?

Mobilcard - yes, it can be used at all Mobil service stations and truck stops however there are now some sites deemed as convenience sites where discounts do not apply. A list of these is posted to you with your Mobilcard. Caltex Starcard – yes it can be used at all Caltex service stations and truck stops.

How do I pay?

By direct debit each month.

Do I have to pay by Direct Debit or can I pay by credit card or cheque?

All accounts are paid by direct debiting a bank account. We are unable to accept credit cards. You can pay by cheque or internet banking as long as that payment is received by us at least 2 working days before the direct debit payment is processed.

If I intend to pay before the direct payment every month, do I still need to complete the direct debit form?

Yes, to keep your account with us open and your cards active, an authorised direct debit must be in place at all times.

Can I put limits on my cards?

Yes, you can put dollar limits and product limits.

Can I have more than 1 card?

Yes, you can have as many cards as you like for both accounts.

Do all cards have PIN’s?


What happens if I forget my PIN?

Contact Kiwi Fuelcards and they will arrange for your PIN to be reset, 0800 43 83 83 or email [email protected]

How does the fuel card system work?

Your card is swiped at the site when you purchase fuel. That information is sent electronically to the fuel company (Mobil or Caltex) who then send it to us electronically where it is processed in our system. It is at this point your discount is applied. An invoice, detailing your transactions and statement is sent to you at the end of the month. Payment is by direct debit on the 20th of the following month.

I have changed banks, what do I need to do?

Complete the online Direct Debit form. We will send you a confirmation letter.

What discounts will I receive? 

Discount Scheme

Discount (Cents per litre)









9.0 (truck stops only)


Mobil (national price)




Mobil (pump price)




How much does it cost to get a Snow Sports NZ Fuel Card?

There are no annual fees associated with the Snow Sports NZ Fuel Card however there are a number of applicable charges;

a)    one-off account opening fee of $10,

b)    a $6 fee on issue and re-issue of new cards (card life is three years),

c)    a transaction fee on non-fuel purchases (50 cents per transaction),

d)    when a new card is issued.

How can I sign up?

Please complete an application form by first entering your name and email here.