Alpine Sport Committee - Call for Applications

The Alpine Sport Committee (ASC) is made up of a maximum of seven members, one of whom is a Snow Sports NZ employee (Snow Sports NZ Constitution 21.4a). Two members of the current ASC (Chris Mosaed and Jonny Rice) complete their two year terms at the 2021 Spring Alpine Forum to be held on 17th October 2021. One member of the current ASC, Simon Wi Rutene, is stepping down with one year remaining on his term. The Snow Sports NZ Board will appoint one person onto the ASC (Snow Sports NZ Constitution 21.4b) leaving two positions to be filled via election.

The ASC is not necessarily always a representative body (i.e. covers the length and breadth of the country) however it is critical that it is not biased toward, or against, any region and that it operates for the good of the sport across the whole of New Zealand.

Snow Sports NZ seeks nominations from financial members who can:

  1. provide experience and expertise in relation to matters affecting Alpine Ski Racing;
  2. recommend coaches, managers, selectors, officials, judges and other support personnel for appointment to national representative Snow Sports teams and competitions as set out in the Regulations;
  3. provide input on the national strategy of Snow Sports in New Zealand both generally and in respect of Alpine Ski Racing;
  4. revise and update the rules and regulations relating to Alpine Ski Racing, including competitions or events, conditions of entry, and including Snow Sport Competitive Events;
  5. assist Snow Sports NZ staff to develop programmes, competitions, events and activities for Alpine Ski Racing including Snow Sport Competitive Events and to implement them;
  6. develop and recommend to the Chief Executive an annual plan (including a calendar of events) for Alpine Ski Racing which is aligned to the Snow Sports NZ strategic plan; and
  7. other such duties and responsibilities as may from time to time be agreed between the Committee or a representative body of the Snow Sport recognised by the Board.

If you are interested in joining  the ASC could you please complete the attached nomination form and return it to Nic Cavanagh, Chief Executive, [email protected]  by 4:00pm Wednesday 29th September 2021. An electronic voting process will open on 7th October with the successful candidates being identified at the 2021 Alpine Forum. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Nic Cavanagh

Chief Executive