Keir Roberts

Keir was named to the New Zealand Alpine Development team for the 2022/23 season and was named to the NZ 2022 FIS Junior World Ski Championships Team. 

Disciplines:   Downhill, Super-G, Giant Slalom, Slalom

Home Town:   Arrowtown, New Zealand

Career Highlights:  
  • 1st Ravascletto-Sutrio GS (7/1/2022)
  • 1st Zagreb-Sljeme GS (1/3/2022)
  • 2nd Zagreb-Sljeme GS (1/3/2022)
  • 3rd Santa Catarina GS (20/12/2021)
  • 3rd Cortina d’Ampezzo GS (12/12/2021)
  • 2018/19 NZ U21 Slalom title, 2nd Overall U21 (Keir has not raced in NZ since 2018/19)
  • 2022 NZ World Junior Alpine Ski Champs - Named Athlete


Keir first touched snow on holiday in France with his parents when he was just three years old, but it was when his family moved from Europe to Queenstown in 2007 that he actually learnt to ski.  His first taste of racing came with the Queenstown Alpine Ski Team’s - ‘Learn to Race Holiday Program’ in 2010.  Medalling in the first race set him up for a future on skis.

There have been many achievements and results as a youth skier at Interfields & National Points level that have lead Keir to become a FIS level athlete.  Along the road, memorable moments for Keir include representing NZ at many of the FIS Children’s European races such as Alpe Cimbra (formally Topolino), Skofya Loka, Pinocchio, and Zagreb in which Keir achieved a top 10 result.

The level of racing in Italy is incredibly high, with enormous fields of talented athletes.  As such, the NJR (National Junior Racing) series is designed to transition athletes from U16 racing into FIS by providing a platform for athletes to compete and achieve. In any NJR race, the quota can exceed 120 men - all under 21, and there are hundreds of these races each season, across all disciplines.   

In 2021/2022 Keir reached the podium in both NJR’s and the top step (1st place) in the GS open FIS race in Ravascletto-Sutrio, a particularly memorable moment in Keir's career to date. 

There have also been ‘off the snow’ moments which have defined Keir’s pathway on the snow.  Keir has bounced back after two broken legs, more than a few broken thumbs, and a number of concussions.  An early and rather dicey experience with Covid-19 left Keir with Type1 Diabetes and a compromised immune system, taking him off the snow and into long term health rehabilitation in 2020. 

Staying focused on his skiing goals and milestones, Keir returned to the snow more determined and focused than ever late in the 2021 season.  Adversity has become his personal challenge and in 2021/2022, after focused hard work, Keir reached another milestone of meeting the point requirements to be named to the NZ Alpine Development Team.

In the future Keir aspires to become a consistent professional top 30 competitor on the Alpine Ski World Cup circuit and inspire other young Kiwi athletes that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.

When Keir hasn't got his skis strapped to his feet he loves photography, videography and supports all forms of motorsports!

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