Carded Athletes

The goal of the Snow Sports NZ High Performance Programme and its related investment is to win at Olympic and Paralympic Games and at events related to achieving these goals. 

As such, a progression of results in competition (i.e. Top 12 – Top 8) should be seen as stepping stones towards achieving multiple podium performances, rather than as outcomes in their own right. 

In simple terms, the long term aims of the programme (targeted for the 2018-2022 quadrennial and beyond) is to be a multi-medal programme (2+) at Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Athletes identified with the potential to contribute to achieving these goals may be offered selection to the Snow Sports NZ High Performance pathway (become carded) and, on meeting  performance benchmarks*, may also be offered investment and support within this progressive banded structure.

  1. Elite Podium
  2. Elite
  3. High Performance Development

The following athletes are currently carded:

Elite Podium

Nico Porteous

Adam Hall

Corey Peters

Zoi Sadowski-Synnott


Finn Bilous

Miguel Porteous

Byron Wells

Beau-James Wells

Tiarn Collins

High Performance Development

Ben Barclay

Mitchell Davern


Carding takes place on an annual basis, every October. 

*Follow this link for further information on the Snow Sports NZ High Performance Pathway and Carding Criteria.